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The Competitive Home Lending Advantage

Why Competitive Home Lending

Competitive Home Lending partners with 80% of the nations top mortgage lenders. Borrowers get mortgages from the best mortgage companies in the nation at below market mortgage rates and can take advantage of mortgage technology from the best lenders for a fast and simple mortgage process.

Lower Mortgage Rates

Competitive Home Lending has instant access to market pricing from all major lenders. Shopping mortgage rates between lending partners and their competitors guarantees that borrowers get the best mortgage program. As an independent contractor, Competitive Home Lending utilizes the resources of major lenders to provide low cost mortgage loans.

Experienced Mortgage Team

Competitive Home Lending’s Director of Operations has a decade of experience in loan processing and mortgage compliance. Our company’s Loan Officer is licensed in Texas and Colorado and has two decades of banking and mortgage experience, a B.S. in Management and Finance and a Master of Science in Management. Clients will get a low mortgage rate paired with a highly experienced mortgage team.

About Mortgage Brokers

What is a Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker is simply an intermediary that matches borrowers with wholesale mortgage lenders. Brokers have access to national mortgage lenders, their loan programs and their mortgage technology.

Why Use a Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers can offer the same mortgage loans that retail lenders offer but at lower rates. Access to many mortgage lenders improves the likeliness of a mortgage loan approval. One mortgage loan application is compatible with all wholesale lenders. This lets borrowers shop for the best mortgage loan without multiple credit inquires.

Easy Loan Process

In-house mortgage loan processing provides borrowers with direct access to the team working on their loan. Up-to-date loan status and fast loan processing makes the loan process a breeze. Our team of processors are direct employees. Therefore, there is never a processing fee charged to the loans.

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